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From the sandy soil of Laurens County, Georgia, to the campus of the University of Georgia, to winning the Southern Conference Basketball Championship at Duke University, through Marine training and into World War II on the beaches of Okinawa, Curtis "Coot" Beall has lived a life full of meaning and purpose. Successful in high school and college, in his career as a Marine, and in the business and family life that followed, Beall has enjoyed every path that life offered, making opportunities where few existed, and creating a legacy that few can match. His dedication to his alma mater, where he returns every fall as the oldest active living male UGA cheerleader, is revealed in this heart-warming story of a true Bulldog.

As a token of that dedication, Beall is giving all the net proceeds from the sale of this book to "Cheers," the booster club for the cheerleading squad at UGA.

Cover of The Red and Black

Cover of The Red and Black

Picture Day 2007

Picture Day 2007

Homecoming Parade

Curtis waving to the crowd along the parade route

Curtis, UGA, and his Grandaughter Lisa

On the field during the Game

Leading Cheers

The Students Love the Alumni Cheerleaders

Men of the H-3-1 Mortars

Men of the H-3-1 Mortar Platoon at the Savannah, Ga. reunion.

Marine Reunion Memorial Service

Lt. Beall leads the Memorial Service at the H-3-1 annual Marine Reunion. Semper Fi!

Leading the Team on the Field

The football team trying hard to keep up with Curtis at the start of the game.

Homecoming Parade

Curtis throwing candy out along the parade route in downtown Athens

Cheering During Homecoming

Curtis cheers The Dawgs on every game, but during Homecoming he slides into his sweater from 1942 and goes Between the Hedges.

Cheering On The Dawgs

Curtis and other Alumni Cheerleaders cheering The Dawgs on to another convincing victory!

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